Philosophy Papers

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Evolution Statement

Challenges to Science - Lane

Secular Philosophy

Near Death Experiences

The Meaning of Life - Ray Bradley

Mark Twain and the Innocents Abroad

Deconstructing Pretense - Lane

So It Goes

Understanding ID - Forrest

What is Philosophy About? - Stan Gatlovitch

Evolutionary Biology in 30 minutes - Reed Cartwright

On How Things Are - Turner

Education and the State - Maxine Greene

Language and Morality - Joseph Poulshock

Judge Jones - Kitzmiller v. Dover School District

Deep Structure of Morality - Frances Kamm

Top 10 Myths about Evolution

Descartes, Design - Dennett

The Absurd Hero - Lane

Amnesty - McMahan

Obligation - Lane

Explanation - Carrie Jenkins

Dennett on Darwin

What About Bob? - Ian Johnston

Logic - Ray Bradley





 42 Logical Fallacies

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