The following are summaries and interpretations of recent Earth Science research articles

Magma provides the push in plate divergence July 2006

Increased bump and grind beneath Greenland's ice sheets March 2006

Lessons learned at Parkfield October 2005

A breath of fresh air for Eocene mammals September 2005

Is the Hawaii plume made of ocean-slab ripple? August 2005

Not so muddy waters April 2005

Old slow sea-floor iron at the base of the Mantle? March 2005

Haline stratification and the onset of glaciation in the Pliocene February 2005

Stop and go motion on the Karakorum Fault, Tibet January 2005

Evidence of water-lain sediments on Mars December 2004

Crystalline silicates in protoplanetary disks November  2004

A volcanic heat source for fixing up nitrogen October 2004

Evidence for a mega-tsunami from flank collapse of Mauna Loa September 2004

Spectacular new fossils from the Ediacaran Period August 2004

Bacterial reduction and high arsenic levels in groundwater July 2004

Double jeopardy at the end of the Permian - new evidence for a large impact June 2004

Rotten to the core - hydrothermal activity and volcano sector collapse May 2004

Turnaround time: How long does a magnetic field reversal take? April 2004

A split subduction zone beneath Vancouver Island? March 2004

Looking at Mt. St. Helens through glassy samples from precursor eruptions February 2004

Mantle plumes - both deep and shallow January 2004

Did the Neoproterozoic glaciation end with a methane gasp? December 2003

Volcanoes and El Niņo November 2003

Ice quakes! October 2003

Hydrated mantle rocks as a source of water in subduction zones  September 2003

Evidence for moving mantle plumes...  Is nothing stationary?  August 2003

Timing of the Moon-forming impact July 2003

The sound of silence: episodic tremor and slip on the Cascadia subduction zone June 2003

The contribution of potassium to the core's heat May 2003

New insight into the Messinian salinity crisis April 2003

Volcanism, soft light and photosynthesis March 2003

Leaf morphology and the timing of the rise of the Tibetan Plateau February 2003

A setback to healing on the Landers Fault January 2003

Sea-floor methane hydrate and gas wipeouts December 2002

Dehydration earthquakes on subducting slabs November 2002

Pulling and sucking together to move the plates October 2002

Still waiting for the 1987 Parkfield earthquake September 2002

Little time lost in formation of the planets August 2002

Odyssey results show a water-rich Mars July 2002

Deep impacts vs mega-eruptions the extinction debate goes on June 2002

The sweet sound of water flowing from the subducting plate beneath Japan May 2002

Finding the source of Meltwater Pulse 1A March 2002

Signs of instability on Kilauea's southeastern flank February 2002

EMORB- sea floor basalt in the wrong place at the wrong time January  2002

Lake Vostok - the world's coolest lake December 2001

Millennial-scale solar variation may be affecting climate November 2001

The critical importance of water to plate tectonics October 2001

Oxygenation of the earth's atmosphere August 2001

A link between river runoff, ocean currents and glacial cycles July 2001

Evidence for vigorous convection within magma chambers June 2001

Silent slip on the Cascadia subduction zone May 2001

A hasty end to the Cretaceous April 2001

Mantle dynamics and topography March 2001

De-gassing Lake Nyos February 2001

Strong warnings on climate change from the United Nations February 2001

Very old Australian zircons with a story to tell January 2001

Evidence for pulsating mantle plumes December 2000

New Ideas on granite formation December 2000

Is it raining up at the core-mantle boundary? November 2000

Subduction of continental crust October 2000

River morphology and the Permian-Triassic extinction September 2000

Origin of life in a hot iron-sulphur environment August 2000

Evidence for annual periodicity in earthquake activity August 2000

Trifluoromethyl sulphurpentafluoride - a nasty new greenhouse gas July 2000

Evidence for recent surface water on Mars June 2000

The history of subduction beneath western North America May 2000

Io - Jupiter's amazing volcanic moon May 2000

Instability of methane hydrates during interglacial periods April 2000

Stress transfer theory and earthquake prediction on the North Anatolian Fault March 2000

Canada's latest meteorite - a rare carbonaceous chondrite! March 2000

Temperature trends over the past 500 years February 2000

How strong is the United States? February 2000

Real polar wandering! January 2000

Runaway freezing - a "snowball" earth during the Proterozoic January 2000

Spectacular Cambrian chordate fossils from China December 1999

Methane hydrate - energy source, climate control and ice worms! November 1999

What's going on in the mantle? November 1999

Geomagnetic reversals - the role of the mantle October 1999

Mount Etna - a volcanic curiosity October 1999

Abrupt changes in climate in the recent past October 1999

Flexing of the lithosphere beneath New Zealand October 1999

Planetary systems October 1999

Possibility of life in an ice-covered ocean on Jupiter's moon - Europa October 1999

More feathered dinosaurs from China September 1999

Crustal "streaks" from the lower mantle show up in Hawaii volcanoes August 1999

Global warming and mass extinction at the Triassic-Jurassic boundary August 1999

Water-bearing salt crystals found in a Texas meteorite August 1999

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