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English 201 - A Survey of British Literature from the Restoration to the Twentieth Century - Spring 1998

Instructor: Steven Lane

Welcome to the first section of Malaspina University-College's English 201 to be offered totally on-line! English 201 is a continuation of English 200, A Survey of British Literature. English 200 is prerequisite to this course; if you have any questions regarding your prerequisites, please contact the course instructor, Steve Lane.

In this semester, we will study the periods from the Restoration to the Modern, or roughly 1660-1960. (Please note that the English department in 1997 changed the dates covered by English 200-201; if you took English 200 prior to academic year 1997-1998, you will likely begin this course with some readings you have already encountered.)

The course revolves around 13 weekly "lectures" which you access from this home page (bookmark now). These will be posted weekly, beginning Jan. 3, 1998. Click on the appropriate "WEEK" or "LECTURE" on the Course Outline page. We will engage in newsgroup discussion based on questions posed on each week's reading. You will also have a short essay assignment, a midterm exam, and a final project. There is a campus-wide "Study Break" Feb. 9-13, during which you will complete the midterm.

Good communication is essential to the success of the course. When you are registered, please send me ( an e-mail message with your e-mail address. Also, an introductory paragraph to present to the rest of the class: who you are, where you are, family, education, or any other information you'd like to share with us. Even if you just did this in Fall semester, please introduce yourself for the benefit of any new students.

You will need the following texts for this course:

  • The Norton Anthology of English Literature, vols. 1 & 2 (6th edition)
  • Wuthering Heights, Bronte
  • Mrs. Dalloway, Woolf

The Norton I will be ordering for the Bookstore comes with a Wuthering Heights. You may have a copy of the novel already, and an earlier edition of the anthology. Feel free to use them, but note that, for purposes of on-line discussion, referring to page numbers we have in common may make things easier.

For more information, contact Steve Lane (phone (250) 753-3245, local 2114; or, e-mail If you have registered for the course, send Steve an e-mail message with your e-mail address by Jan. 5, 1998.

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Copyright 1997 S.M.Lane